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Things I’ve Never Said After Eating Ramen Noodles

I cracked. I have hardly any groceries, so I was forced to draw from my ancient stack of Ramen for sustenance. Here are some things I did not think after consuming this common poor/desperate man’s meal.


1. That was delicious.
2. I’m totally full.
3. Ah, a fantastically authentic Asian meal!
4. There is absolutely no need for me to consume the amount of water found in a mid-sized reservoir.
5. I think this form-fitting dress complements my post-Ramen food baby.
6. It’s a good thing I got 800% of my daily sodium in half a serving!
7. This definitely tastes like chicken.
8. These billions of broken noodle pieces really add a personal touch to my kitchen counter.
9. What am I going to do with all this money/motivation?
10. Totes eating this tomorrow.


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