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Life without Facebook

Recently, I decided to deactivate my Facebook. For various reasons. You may be thinking of doing this, too.

While at first I could only focus on the fact that I couldn’t communicate with people as easily, I eventually got over it. Here’s what I’ve been doing in order to become an awesome old person while also not having a Facebook.

1. Om nom! Eating new foods!

Such as Germknödl

Making new foods! (such as these no-bakes).

2. Going to some randomly selected place!

(Travel tip: Avoid hitch-hiking Buddhists by running in the opposite direction)

3. Going out into nature! It’s pretty.


I went into the wild and found a German in it’s natural habitat, eating it’s favorite meal: the pretzel.

4. Reading

You know that BBC list of books you should read to be awesome? Well now you do.

5. Getting back into running shape.
It feels exactly like this.

And this:

And this.

6. Ignoring people who say “You need to reactivate your Facebook because___________!”

I’m usually really nice outwardly when this happens, but really I’m like

And think:

7. Going back to school.

So, apologies if I’m not as creative or as frequent on this blog.



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